Broccoli pizza recipe 

Broccoli pizza is a completely healthy recipe. Decorate to your taste and enjoy a healthy pizza in just a few steps. Don’t miss out!

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1. Crush the broccoli. Once crushed, place it in a bowl and cook in the microwave on maximum power. Leave to cool and place in a damp clean cloth, wrap it up and exert pressure to drain the water. 

2. Once drained, add the egg and cheese. Knead it well until everything is thoroughly mixed together and add the oregano to the mix.

3. Line the oven tray with grease-proof paper and pour the dough on top of it.  Shape your pizza and spread it out with the fingers. 

4. Bake the dough for 15 minutes at 200º. Once the cooking time is up, remove it from the oven and place the ingredients on top: first the puréed tomatoes and then your favourite toppings. 

5. Bake again until the cheese has completely melted. Yummmy...Super tasty!