Autumn Landscapes: travel in the autumn for Spain



Autumn landscapes are a perfect excuse for a getaway. Discover the best autumnal enclaves to travel and enjoy without leaving Spain.

Autumn is that moment when everything starts all over again. Nature begins to die as part of life and the landscape announces that one cycle ends to give way to another. The story is found in the naked trees, in the carpets of leaves. It is, therefore, a unique moment to visit surroundings dyed orange, yellow, brown; to plan a getaway without leaving Spain; because even the nearest destinations wear a different suit.

Paisajes de otoño: escapadas por España

Autumn escapes without leaving Spain

Undoubtedly, the North is a privileged enclave to enjoy the autumnal landscape. Starting in Asturias, containing the Somiedo Natural Park, known for its set of lakes, the presence of bears and the teito cabanas, constructions that are only conserved here. In the heart of the Cantabrian mountain range, the Principality also hosts Monte de Muniellos, home to the largest oak grove in Spain and one of the best preserved in Europe. We are in one of the greenest regions of Spain, where nature reveals itself in all its splendour, but where it can also be used to taste good cheeses and ciders.

Let's say we want to live adventures. To reach the famous Gujuli waterfall, you have to travel to the Basque Country, specifically the Gorbeia Natural Park, which could well be an enchanted world. There are steep rocks with hidden caves and thick beech forests, with convoluted trunks and totally covered with moss. However, the second largest and best-preserved spruce beech forest in Europe is the Irati Forest in Navarre. Its 17,000 hectares are only surpassed by Germany's Black Forest.

Further east is one of the most beautiful enclaves of Spain, which receives thousands of visits a year, and yet preserves its charm: the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, in Huesca, (Aragon). Eagles, sarrios and marmots coexist among beeches, oaks and birches, creating a unique natural frame, which becomes especially beautiful with the colours of autumn. The orography is dominated by the massif of the Three Sorores, whose highest elevation is Monte Perdido, and which allows the creation of glacial valleys, such as Ordesa. Between rocks and canyons, the rivers follow their course, forming tame lagoons or falling with force in cascade.

Paisajes de otoño: escapadas por España

Finally, the South of the Peninsula also offers beautiful autumn prints, but you have to know how to find them. Although the Sierra Nevada park in Granada is famous for its winter snow, its landscapes are equally spectacular in the previous months, when you can still enjoy its exceptional flora and fauna. And of course, Jaén is home to the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park, the largest protected area in Spain and the second largest in Europe, with an area of 214 hectares. In spite of the latitude in which it is found, it boasts abundant vegetation, which is tinged with the colours of the season.

Paisajes de otoño: escapadas por España
Paisajes de otoño: escapadas por España

Traveling in Autumn

If the landscapes described are not enough, there are other reasons that make autumn the perfect season to travel. On the one hand, the number of holidays in the calendar, which allow you to organise your holidays at work; on the other, the weather, which in some cases is not as harsh as that of winter. As demand is lower than in the summer, the destinations become cheaper and less crowded. In addition, the atmosphere becomes magical, and not only in rural settings: it's time for good wine and roasted chestnuts; to light the fireplace for the first time during a rainy afternoon; to have a good cup of coffee after a stroll through the cobblestone streets and completely covered with leaves.