Games for Dogs: happy pets

It is important to stimulate and connect with our pet. So here we bring you a series of games to play with your dog and have fun with them.


29 June 2020


Why is it important to play with pets?

Pets live in a safe environment where their basic needs are covered: food, hygiene, health, a place to live... However, on many occasions, humans, due to ignorance or lack of time, forget a very important part of the well-being of our pets. It is about their needs as a species, that is, depending on the animal, running through the bush, hunting, tracking, chasing, biting, gnawing, scratching...

Therefore, it is very important to play with pets, since through games we can provide the animal with activities similar to those they would do in their natural habitat, allowing them to develop in a balanced and happy way.

It is important to know that, for some animals, such as dogs, playing with members of their same species is essential for their physical and emotional health and development, especially during the puppy stage. But at home, we too can play with our pets and offer them games that stimulate them.

 How can I play with my dog at home?

There are many games that we can use at home with our dogs. To choose the right one we just have to look at the game or toy that motivates them the most. Here are some of the most enjoyable games we recommend:

- Hide and seek. It consists of keeping the dog still, with a "stay", and hiding somewhere in the house. Once we are hidden, we say "where am I?" and our dog has to find us by sniffing all around the house.

- Search for prizes around the house. It consists of hiding prizes (food that has a strong smell, like sausage) throughout the house and giving the dog the order "find".

- Interactive toy. There are plenty of interactive toys on the market into which we can place sweets (sausage or pellets of their feed) so that they, by thinking, can get those prizes and eat them. They can also be made at home with, for example, cardboard boxes or empty water bottles.

- Pull and grab with teethers. This game provides a lot of stimulation and also entertains and tires out your dog. We get the dog interested in a teether or rope, which they will bite at one end while we pull on the other.

-Training. We can use game time for the dog to learn certain commands such as: sit, still, go out, come in, let go, go to your place...

-Doga. This is increasingly fashionable. This activity relaxes the animal and allows it to express itself freely. It creates a great bond with the owner via the sharing of a space and mat without orders or obedience, but merely through respect and enjoyment.

- Music and massage to relax after play. We must always mark the beginning and the end of play. An ideal way to mark the end is with some quiet music and a relaxing massage.