Gomasio or sesame salt: what it is and what are its benefits 

Gomasio or sesame salt is a spice that is very well-known in Japan. It is based on a mixture of lightly toasted sesame seeds and sea salt. We’ll tell you about its benefits.



What is gomasio?

Gomasio is a Japanese condiment which is made by mixing raw sesame seeds with unrefined sea salt. Sesame sea salt is highly-valued in the Far East both for the flavour it gives to food and for the benefits it provides. Due to its rebalancing properties, it is a very important condiment in macrobiotic cooking.

Gomasio can be used as a condiment in salads, vegetables, soups and other dishes. Its flavour is slightly reminiscent of salted dried nuts and it should not be cooked when adding to dishes so that it maintains all its properties. As it is healthier than salt, gomasio can be used as a salt substitute and, by doing this, you consume less salt.  

Sesame salt can be bought already prepared, but it is very easy to make at home. We explain its benefits and how to make it. 

What health benefits does gomasio have?

  • El sésamo es una semilla muy beneficiosa para el organismo. Es rico en vitamina A y B.
  • Contiene cinc, magnesio, lecitina y fósforo, minerales que ayudan a los músculos y garantizan el buen funcionamiento del sistema nervioso. Es muy recomendable en etapas de crecimiento y durante la menopausia, o después de un esfuerzo físico.
  • Contiene una alta cantidad de fibra; por ello, consumir gomasio ayuda a prevenir el estreñimiento y a proteger nuestro sistema digestivo.
  • Como los anacardos o las almendras, el sésamo contiene triptófano, que puede aumentar los niveles de serotonina, el neurotransmisor precursor de la melatonina, por tanto, puede ayudar a conciliar el sueño.

How to make gomasio or sesame salt


300 g natural sesame seeds
20 g sea salt

To prepare

  • Wash the sesame seeds using a sieve.
  • Place the sesame seeds in a frying pan (without oil) and stir them until they are toasted.
  • Let them cool and mix them with the sea salt. The proportions are one spoonful of salt per 10 – 15 spoonfuls of sesame seeds. 
  • Crush the mixture using a pestle and mortar or a kitchen robot until it is milled.  
  • Store the gomasio in a hermetically-sealed tin. Consume within two weeks to avoid it going rancid. 

When making gomasio in Japan, they use a suribachi, a type of Japanese mortar. If you use this to prepare gomasio, make sure that you crush the seeds well so that all the nutrients can be absorbed by your body. Another important point when making gomasio is to use sea salt and not refined salt.