Haircare for curly hair 

Find out how to get perfect curls. We share the best tips, routines and products for curly hair - don't miss out!

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No way! Curls are not a thing of the eighties or the nineties. After decades of banishing them and over-brushing, extreme straightening and various curling tongs, it’s time to get your natural curls back if you have curly hair because it's all the rage.

How to care for curly hair?

How should we care for our curls? By nature, curly hair tends to be thicker and drier, which causes it to dehydrate easily and leads to the dreaded frizz. 

Therefore, the first step is to choose a shampoo, conditioner and mask specifically for curly hair to guarantee the hydration and nourishment so necessary for this type of hair. 

Once your hair is clean, the best way to dry it is to pat the water out of it with a microfibre towel, without stretching or rubbing it too much to avoid frizz. Ideally, it should be air-dried, but if you need to blow-dry, always use a blow-dryer at a low temperature and always use a diffuser. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is the next step: how do you style curls? After washing your hair and with damp hair, apply a special product to detangle and moisturise it. Ideally, comb it with your hands, running your fingers through the curls or with a wide-toothed comb. 

Never style curls daily. In the mornings, dampen the hair by applying water with a spray bottle. This will activate the styling products you used the day before and all you have to do is massage your hair with your hands. If you notice that you are lacking moisture in any area, apply a little product only where you need it.

Tips for curly hair

  • Avoid touching the hair too much with your hands. 
  • Use the hairdryer as little as possible and always with the diffuser at a low temperature. 
  • Avoid using hair products with silicone, sulphates and alcohol.
  • Space out washes as much as possible to not lose the hair's natural essential oils.
  • Use silk pillows instead of cotton to avoid frizz. 

Cutting your hair

As silly as it may sound, the cut on curly hair is key to making curls look beautiful and manageable. Make sure the stylist is familiar with the techniques for cutting curly hair. 

You can opt for short, mid-length or long hair, but always check the cut on dry hair before washing it, as curly hair undergoes a big change in volume during the transition from wet to dry.