How to have more energy to face the day ahead

How can you get more energy? You want to go to the gym, meet up with friends, cook or study, but its difficult. These habits and advice will help you.

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There are people that exude positivity and high spirits with just a single “energetic” good morning. Sometimes, we watch them in awe and we ask ourselves how is it possible that they are radiant and full of desire to conquer the world right from the moment they wake up in the morning (until practically bedtime). We would certainly like to have a little bit of their attitude to life.

The good thing is that, in reality, it is possible. How to attain more energy and vitality is a recurring objective which can be easily achieved by following some recommendations and advice. When faced with tiredness, fatigue or burnout all you need is a little willpower to turn into the best version of yourself.  

How to have more energy during the day

These suggestions will help you to be more active and to remain so for longer. Take note! 

1. Have a good breakfast. It is a well-known fact that the first meal of the day is the perfect opportunity to get some energy into yourself. In fact, experts assure us that breakfast is the most important meal for our bodies, and it is what gives us the necessary energy to support us throughout the day. What should you eat for breakfast in order to have more energy? Toast, fruit and yogurt should always be included, as they are the most suitable foods for your breakfast to be rich in fibre, carbohydrates and protein. These are ingredients that will help you to face the day.  

2. Do some sport. This may seem counterproductive. If you’re tired, how are you going to do physical activities? But, in reality, sports make us generate endorphins, the so-called “happy hormones”, a natural morphine secreted by your body which gives you a greater sense of wellbeing. And if lethargy gets the better of you, try to find a sport that you like and that you can do regularly: fitness at home, running, Pilates, swimming, gym training…

3. Drink (a lot of) water. Although you may think that you are not thirsty, it is important to drink water during the day (especially when it’s hot). Because, when the body does not have sufficient water it becomes weaker at every level, something which doesn’t exactly help to maintain your energy levels. Drinking between 1.5 and 2 litres of water a day is recommended. 

4. Have a healthy diet. There are some foods that contribute to raising your energy and vitality. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, wholemeal flour and lean meat… are only some of the things you should include on your shopping list. Red meat and legumes are also a source of iron, a mineral that reduces tiredness and debility.  If you already know what to eat to have more energy, you should also be aware of what you need to remove from your daily diet so that it doesn’t take its toll on you, such as fried foods, sweets, alcohol, soft drinks and food that is rich in fats… Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are forbidden, but that they should be eaten in the most balanced way possible in order to look after your mind and body.  

5. Prioritise rest. Did you know that your body regenerates itself when you sleep? When you close your eyes and let yourself fall into the arms of Morpheus, your body performs physiological functions to help it maintain the correct psychological and physical equilibrium. However, that doesn’t mean that you should sleep all day. Not at all! The ideal is to have a sleep routine of between 7 to 9 hours. In this sense, a short nap of 20/30 minutes can also help you to gain energy to face the rest of day. And relaxation in general is as important as prioritising sleep. For this reason, one way of recharging your batteries is to enjoy hobbies that make you happy instead of overloading your diary and consequently reducing your energy levels even further. It is essential that you also dedicate some time to yourself.  

Foods you can eat to gain more energy

If you want to know what to eat to have more energy, there is a variety of specific foods that you should be very aware of: oats, dark chocolate, nuts, red berries, eggs, milk and its by-products, legumes, flaxseeds, oily fish, bananas, turkey, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, dates, figs, brown rice, honey and spinach, among many other foods.  

If, apart from maintaining your vitality throughout the day, you want to know how to achieve more energy for studying, be certain to also apply the previous recommendations and include other essential ingredients to help you concentrate when studying, such as walnuts, broccoli, blueberries and avocado, as they all help you to remain active and concentrate as well as boosting your memory.