How to keep the house cool in summer

Don't know how to avoid being hot at home? Today we bring you some tips on how to keep the house cool in summer, with or without air conditioning.



Summer, the season of holidays, free time, dinners without an hour travelling back home ... It seems that we are forgetting the most characteristic of this season: the heat. Some may take it well, others not so much, but what we all try to do is to keep our homes as cool as possible during these months. Therefore, is it logical to ask, and rightly so, how you can keep the house cool.

Air conditioning is the most common and simple option to combat hot days, but it is not the most ecological or economical, especially now that the cost of electricity has increased. How to keep a house cool then? Is it possible to keep our house cool by spending less? The answer is yesWe tell you how to keep the house cool in summer without implying any cost to your pocket.

Keeping the house cool without air conditioning will be easier than ever with the following recommendations. Get ready!

 Tips to avoid heat at home 

  1. The night is your best ally. If you’re wondering how to have a cold room in summer, the best time to ventilate your home is when the sun goes down. With the absence of the sun, the wind and draft generated by open windows and doors are much cooler. The longer we keep them open, the better. During the day, it is best to close all the windows.
  2. Remember to lower the blinds too. As much as we close the windows of our house, to cool it properly we must also lower the blinds. In this way, the sun will not heat the rooms.
  3. Plants are a good idea. Plant elements attract humidity to spaces and cool them. In addition, they will give a very summery touch to our home.
  4. Avoid especially hot foods. This has nothing to do with our body, although it is more advisable to eat cold dishes in summer. It's about the kitchen. We can avoid cooking recipes that mean that the appliances that generate heat are on for a long time.
  5. LED bulbs. They will help you keep your house cooler, since they emit less heat and, in addition, they consume less energy. It is impossible to find a better option.
  6. White walls. If you are considering how to keep a room cool in summer and it coincides with the fact that you are redecorating your home, think no more: white refreshes any room.
  7. Fan always with ice. It will sound crazy, but it works. Fans become mini air conditioning machines if we leave a bowl of ice or frozen bottles in front of them.
  8. Unplug appliances. Household appliances, televisions, power strips... are devices that, if we leave them plugged in, generate more heat in our home. It is best to disconnect them when we are not using them.