How to look after skin in summer 

Children’s skin should be looked after all year round, but when summer comes it is even more important to protect it.

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The skin is the largest organ of the body: it prevents germs from penetrating the inside of the organism, it protects us from exterior cold and is our first barrier against heat. Children’s skin is much more fragile than an adult’s and requires specific care.

Sun protection

How do you protect children from the sun’s rays? How often should you apply sun cream to children? Should I protect them even if they aren’t exposed to the sun? These are some of the most frequently asked questions when we are talking about sun protection and childhood. These are some of the basic ideas.  

Protección solar todo el año: Sun protection all year round: it is advisable to maintain sun protection all year round, regardless of exposure and the intensity of the sun, and if possible, it is recommended that you use factor 50 sun cream or total sunblock.

• On the beach and also in the mountains: it’s important to take precautions, whether you are in the countryside or the mountains. Wearing a cap is highly recommended.

• Prevent exposure: it is worth avoiding extreme temperatures and exposure to the sun as far as possible during the middle hours of the day, between 12 and 4pm.

• Apply regularly: it is advisable to use sun protection every two hours and also apply it after bathing or doing physical exercise.

 Lightweight fabrics: it is worth choosing clothing made of cotton or linen, above all if they are in contact with children’s skin.

• Reinforce the precautions with accessories such as caps and t-shirts.

• Sun protection prevents burns, helps to prevent photoaging and reduces the risk of suffering from skin cancer.


Protecting children’s skin with a specific sun protection is as important as maintaining the basic care of cleaning and hydration.

And if daily cleaning, especially in the most exposed areas such as the face and hands, is fundamental, so is the thorough rinsing to remove the remains of soap that may dry out the skin

Babies’ skin

Photoprotection creams cannot be applied to babies until they are at least six months old. Before this age, it is recommended not to take them to beaches or swimming pools.
Babies’ skin is especially sensitive and it should be kept as clean and dry as possible.  The nappy area requires extra hydration with specific products to prevent irritations.

It is not advisable, at least until the age of 3 years, to use hair conditioners and other cosmetic products, since they can irritate the scalp.