My five favourites


My five favourites


For producing this article, Cristina Durán and Consum have given 500€ worth to Acavall Foundation.

Cristina Durán is a Valencian writer and illustrator of comics. She is the co-founder of La Grúa Studio along with Miguel A. Giner Bou, and her works are characterised by a marked social component that invites activism. Within this, issues such as functional diversity, adoption, cooperation, the prevention of gender violence and social unrest form an important part. She is Vice-president of APCómic (Asociación de Autoras y Autores Profesionales de Cómic – the Association of Professional Authors of Comics), she has been awarded the National Comic Prize by the Department for Culture and Sport for El día 3 (Astiberri, 2018), that she created with Giner Bou and the journalist Laura Ballester, which is about the metro accident that occurred in Valencia in 2006. In 2021, Cristina Durán received the gold medal for Cultural Merit from the Valencian Government. 

Here are her “five”: 



 I love eating fruit, particularly when I get hungry between meals (something which happens often). In summer, I particularly like melon and watermelon and, in the winter, I’m mad about mandarins and freshly squeezed orange juice to have with breakfast. 



Although I try not to eat too much chocolate, I can’t do without it. I like it dark, from 70%, and if it also contains cacao nibs, that’s even better. I have it as a dessert at weekends and, sometimes, to accompany a good black coffee (without sugar). Coffee and chocolate are a perfect combination. That’s why I like those bars that give you a little chocolate when they serve you your coffee. 



I love them in every way they are served. My favourite is battered, but not just any old batter, but the way my partner makes them. He’s an expert cook and he uses flour and beer. I also enjoy them griddled, roasted, grilled, boiled, with pasta, with lentils and in paella.



There is always beer in my fridge, and there are always frozen beer mugs in the freezer because I like it very, very cold. It is the ideal drink for celebrating, sharing or for relieving you after a hard day, although I try to consume it very moderately. The ones I like best are light beers and toasted beers, particularly Czech Pilsner-style beers. 



I discovered oat flakes not very long ago, thanks to a nutritionist who has helped me to improve my eating habits, something I needed to do on health grounds. Whole oat flakes with milk have become my favourite snack. They are delicious and fill me up enough so that I am not tempted to pick on anything before dinner time.