My five favourites


My five favourites


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María Mínguez is a graduate in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia and she studied cinema and television scripts at the New York Film Academy through a prestigious Fulbright grant. She has worked on different programmes and series for Valencian state television, such as Autoindefinits, Socarrats and La Forastera. Her first feature film as scriptwriter was Vivir dos veces, a film that was premiered in 2019 and won six awards at the Valencian Audiovisual Academy and which was also nominated for the Forqué Awards. Currently, she is the President of EDAV (Valencian Audiovisual Writers Association), a lecturer at the Barreira Art + Design Centre, and she also works freelance developing series and films with producers on a national and international level. 


Her “top 5” are:



My favourite food is pasta, especially spaghetti. Lately, I have changed to wholemeal spaghetti, as they are healthier and taste just as good. My favourite way to prepare them is with vegetables, oil and pepper. Another of my favourites is to cook them with pesto. 



My favourite snack. I like them roasted, and I think they are a healthier tasty snack than other more highly-processed products. I eat them as nibbles while watching a film, but I also add them to salads; and recently, I discovered a recipe for pistachio cupcakes, which I also make every once in a while. 



I use them a lot. Both for making home-made hummus and for a chocolate cake recipe that I discovered recently that replaced flour with chickpeas. It is delicious, has lots of protein and is healthier than other desserts.



I’m addicted to coffee. I can’t start the morning without having one, and at mid-morning I have another. I like white coffee, light and frothy, like a cappuccino. Working at home allows me to enjoy this pleasure and to drink my coffee in a relaxed way.



I lived in Rome for a year and, since then, it has become my favourite cheese. I like to put it into salads, but it is also the one I like best for grating and putting on pasta.