Make-up for mature skin: how to apply it 

Get make-up for mature skin that will give you a fresh and radiant look. Follow our steps and achieve a natural finish.

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Christmas is here at last, a time full of celebrations and social activities that require us to look our best. If you have reached that age where you consider yourself to be a woman with mature skin and aren’t sure how to make the most of make-up, below we give you the keys to make-up for mature skin. Are you interested? Keep reading. 

How do you apply make-up from the age of 50?

A partir de cierta edad, inevitablemente, la piel se vuelve menos tersa y más irregular, ya que nos empiezan a salir pliegues y arrugas donde antes no las había. Es por esto que, a la hora de maquillar una piel madura, es mejor contar con fórmulas de maquillaje hidratantes y muy ligeras, para que estas no terminen metidas en los pliegues del rostro, ni remarquen las zonas que consideramos “más problemáticas”. Y es que, en cuanto a maquillaje, la piel madura requiere un look natural, porque utilizar demasiados productos cosméticos y mucha cobertura ¡envejece! Por otro lado, este tipo de pieles también requieren jugar con luces y sombras para crear volúmenes, por lo que técnicas como el contouring serán grandes aliadas.

10 errores que debes evitar a la hora de maquillar una piel madura 

From a certain age, skin inevitably becomes less smooth and more irregular, we start to get creases and wrinkles where we didn’t have them before. That’s why, when it comes to applying make-up to mature skin, it is better to have moisturising and very light make-up formulas, so they don’t settle into the creases on the face, or highlight the areas we consider to be “more problematic”. Indeed, in terms of make-up, mature skin requires a natural look because too many cosmetics products and a lot of coverage makes us look older! On the other hand, this type of skin also require us to play with light and shade to create volumes, so techniques like contouring will be great allies.

  1. Not moisturising skin before applying make-up.
  2. Using a foundation that gives too much coverage or is too matte, as it highlights wrinkles and crow’s feet.  
  3. Abusing bronzing powders.
  4. Using too much blusher.
  5. Over-doing the look with eyeshadow and using dark colours. 
  6. Applying too many layers of mascara. 
  7. Applying a corrector that covers too much. Just like foundation, this can highlight the wrinkles and crow's feet.
  8. Drawing in eyebrows with a pencil or using a darker colour than the eyebrow.
  9. Applying matte or dark coloured lipstick.
  10. Using a lip pencil which is darker than the lipstick.

Make-up for mature skin, step by step

Make-up for mature skin is bound by one rule: less is more. Discover how to apply make-up to mature skin for parties, step by step! 

  1. Cleanse your skin by following the cleansing routine which is most appropriate for your face. 
  2. Moisturise your face with your favourite cream for mature skin not forgetting the contour of the eyes! Before applying make-up you can also use a serum with hyaluronic acid to leave your skin even more hydrated. 
  3. Mature skin requires more natural make-up, so when applying make-up to the eyes, use lighter eyeshadows , that lighten your look. Although, if you want to add a more festive look, you can also use a modest cat eyeThe important thing is not to over-do the eyes so you don’t highlight the small creases that appear with age.  
  4. Use a light foundation, even better if it is modulable, to cover those small imperfections. By using a light foundation, you are looking for a more natural and juicy look. You can also seal the skin and add a more matte touch with the help of a brush and compact powder to remove the shine in the more troubled areas, or which generate more shine, like the nose and forehead.
  5. When it comes to neutralising under-eye circles, it is best to use a fluid corrector. In addition, it is important that this blends well with the foundation. It should be applied by drawing an inverted triangle.
  6. With some bronzing powder, do contouring on specific areas to refine the face. 
  7. Dab a little blusher to brighten your cheeks. 
  8. If you want to, you can apply an illuminator to certain areas of the face, such as the cheekbones or nasal septum. 
  9. Use mascara on your eyelashes without letting them become clumpy.
  10. Finish off the look with lip gloss in a soft colour, although, at this time of year a red lipstick can be fun.