Micellar water: what it is, how it is used and its benefits

Learn the secrets of micellar water: what it is, how it is used and all its benefits in our guide. Find out more about this product here.

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Micellar water is a key component in the world of beauty. So much so that it has been climbing positions for some time and it is very likely that you have heard about its benefits and qualities. But would you be able to explain what micellar water really is? Let's clear up any doubts.

Micellar water is a cleansing product for the face that allows you to remove dirt particles and makeup quickly and completely. It is characterised by a very soft formula, something that makes it perfect for the area around the eyes and for oily and/or acne-prone skin. Micelles, surfactant molecules that attract water, grease and dirt, are key in this compound.

It should be noted that, in addition to cosmetics, which clog pores, there are external agents such as pollution or excess sebum (in the case of oily skin) that also play a role when it comes to clogging them. Therefore, micellar water is a product that we must use daily to cleanse our skin and make it easier for it to breathe (especially at night, when cell renewal takes place). 

What is micellar water for? In addition to all the above, it also acts as an emulsifier, which allows all the compounds to dissolve and work as an "all in one", toning and moisturising the skin. In fact, it is enough to use a good micellar water product to cleanse the entire face in depth, which eliminates the need to use several products. 

Benefits of micellar water

The benefits of micellar water include the following:

  • It is gentler than traditional cleaners. It cares for more of your skin and better, especially if you have sensitive skin, since most micellar waters do not contain alcohol. In addition to cleansing, it also moisturises, refreshes and revitalises the face. 
  • It promotes hydration. Most types of micellar water contain compounds such as glycerine, an element that helps retain moisture. Therefore, micellar water is more hydrating than regular makeup remover wipes. 
  • It helps with acne. It leaves no greasy residue that can clog pores. Clogged pores, in turn, lead to acne and blackheads. It is, therefore, a product that allows for a very effective cleaning. 
  • It removes pore-clogging oils and dirt. Micelles can also increase skin permeability, allowing cleansers to reach deeper layers of the skin. 
  • It is portable and practical. Micellar water is a multi-purpose product that can be used in various ways: make-up remover, cleanser, toner... Micellar water facial wipes are also a good solution for the gym or to go on a trip. 

The benefits of micellar water can be added to any beauty routine. In addition (important fact), it does not need rinsing after use. 

How is micellar water used?

How is micellar water used? The reality is that you don't have to have a lot of beauty knowledge to apply this product. Simply soak a clean cotton wool pad with micellar water and gently wipe it over your face to remove dirt, makeup, and even mascara. 

The steps are as follows:

  1. First wash your hands. It must be done before starting to use any product, as this will prevent you from rubbing more dirt on your face and pores.

  2. Next, select the appropriate cleanser. Bear in mind that there are different types of skin (dry, sensitive, normal...) and that there may be micellar water products with different formulas.

  3. Soak the cotton pad. To do this, generously pour the micellar water and let it soak the pad. Then, wipe it across your face.

  4. Finish the routine with a moisturiser to soothe the skin and add extra hydration. 

As for using micellar water to remove eye makeup, there's no mystery about that either:

  1. Leave the cotton pad or wipe soaked in micellar water over your closed eyes to soften the makeup before wiping it off.
  2. Be careful not to rub too much around the eye area as it is very sensitive.
  3. Repeat the strokes gently, without exerting pressure.
  4. Make sure to clean all eye makeup before cleaning the rest of the face.
  5. When it comes to particularly resistant makeup, such as waterproof mascara, consider mineral wipes, which are usually the best solution. 

Micellar water, you see, is the product you need to incorporate into your beauty routine now.