My five favourites

David Casinos

My five favourites

29 August 2019


For producing this article, David Casinos and Consum have given 500€ worth of food to the Bokatas association

David Casinos, professional sportsman from Valencia, has dedicated his life to athletics, specifically, shot put, discus and hammer throwing. In 2013, he received the National Sports Prize for the Olympic category from the Spanish King and Queen in recognition of his four consecutive medals from the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Peking and London 2012. Apart from these achievements, David dedicates his time to writing, through which he passes on a message of positivity and optimism for life. 

Here are his Top 5:


This is a fruit thatI use all year round. It is full of unsaturated fats, a source of vitamin E andminerals… it has become the ‘brother’ to olive oil. The avocado charges ourcells with energy after the fatigue of each training session, especially for everylunch and dinner. It is marvellous! 


As a good sportsman,I always seek the best source of protein so I can perform to the max. Thefamous Omega 3 in salmon is very important for cardiovascular health.  


One of the tensources of vegetable protein. We should eat what comes from the earth and herewe have an example so that we don’t exploit animals. I tend to eat quinoa toadd taste to many dishes, such as salads.


In mi opinion, yogurt is the highlight at breakfast, loaded with dried fruit.You can mix it with almost anything, it is smooth and easy to digest, and Ialways try to have it sugar-free.  Yogurtis a source of calcium to give you bones that are strong as iron.


For me, legumes are an essential source ofcarbohydrates. You can’t perform without them. Both in summer and in winterthere is a place for them in my diet. They also contain iron, fibre andpotassium. I can eat them in many meals and I never tire of them.