Natural pools in the Valencian community



Discover the different natural pools scattered throughout the Valencian Community where you can enjoy the good weather and your summer holidays.

If there is one thing for which the Valencian Community is particularly famous, it is for its kilometres of beaches, for the quality of their waters and for the number of blue flags held in recognition of this. However, the Valencian interior is not to be underestimated, and is home to plentiful natural water pools.

Province of Castellón:

  The Salto de la Novia, in Navajas: its 30 metre high waterfall cascading down over the Palancia River, along with the accompanying sad love legend, make this a magical and bucolic place to spend the day with family or friends.

  The Fuente de los baños, in Montanejos: although the area is home to numerous natural pools, if we had to pick just one we would choose the Fuente de los baños, where the Mijares River creates several natural pools with a temperature of 25ºC in a unique setting as it passes.

  The Rio Sénia, in the Tinença del Benifassà Natural Park: 40 km from the Mediterranean, in the north of the province of Castellón, we find this natural spot where, in addition to the numerous activities on offer, you can enjoy the crystalline natural pools of the Rio Sénia.

Province of Valencia:

•  Pozo de las Escaleras, in El Azud, Tuéjar. Considered one of the most beautiful natural pools in the province, it is located at the source of the Tuéjar river. An idyllic place to spend the day.

 River beach of Bugarra, in Bugarra. Between the mountains of Chulilla and Chiva, the River Turia forms this natural pool where there are numerous picnic areas and plenty of shade - perfect for spending the day.

 Charco el Gruñidor, in Sot de Chera. This pool is formed by the Reatillo river, a tributary of the Turia, as it passes through the town of Sot de Chera. It is a few metres from the town centre.

  The Sellent river, in Bolbaite. In this town in the Canal de Navarrés region, the Rio Sellent gives rise to a natural swimming pool of great natural and picturesque value, perfect for taking a dip.

 The Playamonte lake, in Navarrés. At Las Fuentes, in Navarrés, we find this wonderful continental beach, perfectly suited to bathing. A natural lake with water direct from a spring that won't leave you indifferent.

•  Los Charcos, in Quesa. A group of natural pools with clean and crystalline waters, found in the town of Quesa.

•  The Pou Clar, in Ontinyent. At the entrance of this town we find the source of the Clariano river.

Province of Alicante:

• The Fuentes del Algar, in Callosa d'En Sarrià. A protected spot, declared a Wetland Area, a few kilometres from the town of Callosa d'En Sarrià, where the Algar river forms pools of crystalline waters with waterfalls, while springs flow freely from the natural walls.

• The Barranc de l'Encantada. The main attraction of this well-known spot is the Gorg del Salt waterfall, which pours its waters into a transparent pool, perfect for bathing.

• The Salt of Xixona. A quiet place surrounded by mountains, which is accessed on foot following a path of about 4 km in length, from the municipality of Xixona. Access via some stairs suitable for children. The Salt is a waterfall that cascades into a pool whose water is very fresh, making it ideal for bathing for both adults and children.