Natural Remedies for Allergies

As Spring arrives, so too does the pollen and the dreaded allergies. We will share some home remedies to relieve those annoying symptoms.

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Remedios naturales para la alergia

Along with mites, pollen is one of the most widespread allergens, even more so at this time of year. While mites are insects of the arachnid family that are invisible and live in dust; pollen is formed by the grains that seed plants produce and travels through the air.

 Reduce exposure:

 Avoid times with the highest concentration of pollen: generally, from 5 to 10 in the morning and from 7 to 10 at night. Check the levels in your area on specialized web pages. Avoid dry and windy days. The best time to go out is after it has rained.

• Maximise hygiene measures: both hands and clothes, especially if you have been outdoors. If possible, do not dry clothes outside.

• Use air conditioning to filter the air.

• Use salt, lemon and vinegar as cleaners to avoid exposure to chemicals that may complicate symptoms.

• Control humidity in the environment.

 Treat the symptoms:

 Nasal congestion: one of the most common symptoms among people suffering from allergies is a constant runny nose, which may be accompanied by sneezing.

-  Nasal washes: quickly clear the nasal passages. Use distilled or boiled water. It is important to rinse the irrigation device and leave it to air dry completely each time it is used.
-  Vapours or steam baths: Try adding eucalyptus, thyme or calendula when you boil the water. Remove when it boils and let cool a little, then inhalations over the pot, covering it with a towel.

Remedios naturales para la alergia

 Eye irritation: itching, sensitivity or tearing.

- Maximise hand hygiene, as they contain most dirt.
- Use sunglasses or protective glasses if doing outdoor activities.
- Wash with chamomile which acts as a tranquilizer.

Itchy throat: coughing, irritation or burning sensation.

- Keep hydrated by sipping water often.

- Control the temperature, as above 21 degrees it dries the throat more.
- Limit alcohol and coffee intake that also tend to dry out the throat.

- To reduce coughing at night, place half an onion on the table (avoid if you have itchy eyes).

 Dermatitis: some basic measures can reduce irritation and itching.

- Keep the skin clean, hydrated and dry.

- Talcum powder can calm irritation but do not overdo it.

Foods that help:

- Fruit and vegetables: they are high in vitamins C, B and E and are rich in antioxidants

- Oranges, apples, tomatoes, red grapes and blueberries... they are rich in polyphenols with a protective effect

- Nuts: contain vitamin E which helps reduce symptoms

- Omega 3 has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects against asthma

- Turmeric

- Probiotics (yogurt and kefir) strengthen defences

- Avoid foods rich in histamine, preserves, cured cheeses, sausages, or anything smoked or precooked that could aggravate the symptoms

- Citrus fruits