Original gifts for Secret Santa 

Are you looking for original gifts to surprise as part of Secret Santa? If you don't know what to buy, we propose plenty of original ideas for you. Ready?

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The Christmas festivities are here and Secret Santa is a common way to celebrate: with family, with friends, at work... But, of course, everyone wants their gifts to be original and cause a sensation. Not to worry: there are many original ideas for taking part in Secret Santa. All you need to do is prioritise - know the budget set and take into account the tastes of the person to whom we are going to give a gift in order to ensure they love our choice.

Among Secret Santa gifts for women, self-care products are a firm favourite. As the experts say: it is just as important to take care of yourself on the inside as on the outside. We can give cream for hands or feet; soaps, oils or a good mask; or some mist for perfuming bedding or clothing... Many brands offer a small assortment of these products in a presentation box or chest with various aromas, allowing us a degree of choice. 

This type of gift is also a perfect option for Secret Santa gifts for men, since after all, taking time for yourself and carrying out a little pampering is always positive. And taking care of your skin is important, especially as the years go by.

But that's not all: there are plenty more original gifts for Secret Santa, like something to eat or drink. For example, a gourmet delicacy such as a chocolate with a curious flavour, or a rarer or more exclusive type of beer, both in terms of its ingredients and its packaging.

To these options we can add other types of gifts that are great classics and are suitable for practically the whole family, such as mugs or books. The former, for example, can not only be used for coffee or hot chocolate, but can also represent a handy container for pencils and stationery. In the case of books, obviously, their main function is to be read, but they can also be used as decoration. There is such a range at our disposal, so try to get e clues from the person you are buying for and head to a bookstore to see what you can find. If you accompany the book with a card or item of stationery, you will surely round off the gift beautifully.

Funny gifts for Secret Santa

Are there funny gifts for Secret Santa? Lots! Among them, without further ado, socks. All kinds of socks: from socks inspired by television series to those with funny images, ormotivating or inspiring phrases. And obviously it is a garment that everyone (absolutely everyone) can wear, especially in winter. 

Another option is to share memories. To do this, you only need photos taken together with the person to whom you are going to give the gift. You print the coolest, most iconic or funny ones and put them in a box or frame that lets your imagination run wild. And voil├á! A gift as exciting as it is timeless, that expresses your love and that also becomes an album of memories that will be cherished forever by the person we love. 

In addition to sharing memories, sharing board games or cards is also a wise decision. There is a huge variety of these types of pasttimes available. For example, both classic card games and more contemporary ones on different themes such as mystery or terror. Board games are also an option that can be popular: strategy, collaborative, resource-allocation... And with endless themes: inspired by series or movies, books or fantastic worlds.

There is no doubt: with these original ideas for the invisible friend it will be very easy to get it right.