Properties of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice used in many recipes and infusions. Do you know the benefits and properties of cinnamon? Today we tell you about them.

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This is a "cinnamon tree"! Did you know this expression? Well no, it does not exist. Cinnamon is one of the spices with the most properties in existence. Humans have been using it in their diet since 2500BC in China. The Arabs also used it to flavour their meat.

Cinnamon is extracted from the bark of the cinnamon tree and, in addition to spicing our dishes, it can also be prepared as a tea

Benefits of cinnamon? Many.

To name just one, cinnamon is rich in minerals. Just one teaspoon provides calcium, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants such as vitamin A and C, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

What benefits does cinnamon have?


The benefits of cinnamon are many and varied. Take note so that you do not miss any of them:


  1. It has practically no calories. A small spoonful has about 6 calories. In fact, cinnamon is used to accompany calorie-deficit diets where you may want to enhance the flavour of your food. This is one of the most prominent benefits of cinnamon.
  1. The best friend of diabetics. As it is such a sweet spice, it is ideal to accompany our dishes without the need to use sugars.
  1. It is anticoagulant. What does this mean? Cinnamon makes the blood circulate better through the body thanks to coumarin. For this very reason, however, it is advised not to be consumed by people who are undergoing any kind of treatment with anticoagulant medication.
  1. It reduces the appetite. It is rich in fibres, which means that cinnamon is used to create a feeling of being full for a longer duration.
  1. Cinnamon infusions, your new discovery. What are the benefits of cinnamon tea? There are many. For example, cinnamon, when mixed with ginger, acquires expectorant properties, which clear our nose and alleviate respiratory problems. Among other benefits of cinnamon tea, it facilitates digestion.


Cinnamon can be consumed either in powdered form or as a stick. Both forms have exactly the same benefits, the only difference being in their presentation. Cinnamon also has relaxing properties.

Cinnamon, despite its properties, also has some contraindications. It is not recommended for pregnant women, and special care should also be taken when consuming it if you have intestinal ulcers or heart problems. As with everything else, balance and moderation are the key.