3 exercises for reducing stomach fat after Christmas

The excesses of Christmas always tend to be seen when it’s over. Discover these 3 exercises to help you reduce stomach fat during January’s uphill struggle. 

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Even if our Christmas celebrations are more limited, there is one thing that has not changed:  The meals! Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, the King’s Cake… even though there are less of us, the fact is, we eat. 

The most responsible thing to do is to try not to overindulge, not just because of those extra few pounds, but also because of our health. The excess oils, fats and sugars may take their toll on you in the future. 

But, if the warning comes too late and you can see your body is not the same as before the holidays, we recommend that you visit a specialist who can advise you about how to lose weight, and do some sports. For the latter, it is not necessary to join a gym. With a combination of these three exercises you will be able to reduce the excesses of Christmas and get rid of your stomach fat at home. 

The best exercises for getting rid of abdominal fat


The Spanish translation of this would be to “to sit oneself up”, but this exercise refers to the abdominals. It is a perfect choice for getting rid of accumulated fat in this area. With this exercise you will also exercise the hip flexors, the spine and the back. 

1. Lie on your back on a mat and bend your knees while keeping your feet resting on the floor.

2. With arms extended in front of you, bring your head towards your knees and raise your trunk as you do this.

Cycling abdominals 

As well as reducing abdominal fat, you will work on the oblique and frontal abdominals, your quadriceps and your glutes. 

1.  Lie on your back with legs extended and, with your elbows bent, place your hands behind your head. 

2. Bend the right knee and try to touch it with the left elbow.

3. Return to the starting position and do the same with the opposite knee and elbow. 


This is a real challenge for those who have not exercised their abdominals. But don’t despair, with perseverance and effort you will achieve it. The key is to start by doing a little at a time.

1.  Lie face down on a mat or a comfortable surface and support your body on your toes and forearms with your elbows bent.

2.  Once in this position, you should stay there for between 30 seconds and one minute. If at first you can’t last that long, set yourself shorter times. With a bit of practice, you will achieve it!