My five favourites


My five favourites

1 June 2019


For producing this article, Isasaweis and Consum have given 500€ worth of food to the Pequeño deseo fundation

Isabel Llano, better known as Isasaweis, studied computer engineering, although she focussed her career in the field of teaching, her true vocation. After having been a teacher for some years, she became one of the most popular and well-known bloggers in our country. Her advice on beauty, fashion and motherhood, as well as her recipes and recommendations on nutrition are read by thousands of followers each week. Today, she has almost half a million fans on Facebook and Youtube. She is also the author of many books on healthy cooking.    

Here are her Top 5:


Olive oil must always be extra virgin! There is no doubt that this ingredient makes a difference to any dish: salads, soups, stews, roasts, griddle…

Garbanzos 5D Isasaweis


It seems that I was mad for them even as a small child when my grandmother made them for me during summers in Leon in my mother’s village. I love them in summer and in winter. In stews, casseroles or salads, and, of course, they are fundamental for making humus, which is delicious!


They are without doubt the stars of my kitchen! I think I use all of them! Of course, courgettes for making the famous “Courgepizza”, pumpkin roasted or in thick soups, cauliflower and broccoli roasted with spices, or steamed with a good quality oil, spinach creamed or in salads, roast peppers to accompany any dish, tomatoes roasted, grilled or griddled, or with a good slice of toast, aubergines stuffed or baked, or in stews to make baba ganoush... They are healthy, nourishing and very versatile.


I love nuts! Particularly almonds, pistachios and macadamia nuts. I use them in baking, breads, meat stews or to liven up fish or vegetables.  Or at any time, a handful of nuts and a coffee, and on with the day!


Now we have reached this point, you may have noticed that I like to eat, and that I like everything! Well, if I love nuts, you can’t imagine how much I love cheese… I love all cheese! From the most cured to fresh cheese, including blue cheese, spreading cheeses, sheep’s cheese, goat’s cheese, mixtures, when it’s a bit spicy, if it tastes of milk… all of them!  And being an Asturian, there are many possibilities here. I live in cheese paradise!