My five favourites

Sergio Dalma

My five favourites

1 January 2020


Por la realización de este reportaje, Sergio Dalma y Consum entregan 500€ a la asociación NUPA.  La asociación que da apoyo y asistencia integral a niños, adultos y familias con trasplante multivisceral, Fallo Intestinal y nutrición parenteral.

Sergio Dalma is one of the most recognisable voices on the Spanish music scene.  The singer, who was born in Sabadell (Barcelona), is celebrating 30 years on the stage with “30… y tanto” (“30 something”), a record that commemorates his three-decade career with a new focus on his greatest successes. Sergio Dalma represented Spain at the Eurovision Festival in 1991 with Bailar pegados (Dancing close together), one of the singer’s most successful songs. Throughout his career, the singer has sold over 4 million records.

Here are her Top 5:


The papaya in particular. I almost always eat a large plate of mixed and, if possible, seasonal fruit for breakfast. My fruit bowl is always full and very colourful.  


I always have a wedge of parmesan in the fridge because, while I cook, I love to “pick at it” accompanied by a glass of wine. I always use it when preparing pasta.


I remember going to the dairy looking for fresh milk as a child. I grew up drinking it and, as I am lucky enough not to be lactose intolerant, I continue to drink it. I only drink one white coffee a day and I take it fresh milk.


I always have dried fruits in my cupboard. I try to eat them for breakfast and, sometimes, as a snack. I am rarely out of raw almonds and walnuts.  


I like to have a cream of vegetable soup once a day. I tend to buy a variety of vegetables and, with a small potato, I make a good creamy soup that provides me with plenty of energy.